1/5 Press Release - Upcoming Show

P32 Gallery Presents Art Exhibition, Spiritual Journey

Santa Monica, CA (January, 05 2015) – P32 Gallery in Santa Monica presents Spiritual Journey, the gallery’s second art exhibition featuring works by Chris Justice and Kimball Hall. The exhibition will run from January 24 to February 28.  An opening reception with the artists will be held on January 24 from 6 – 10 pm. The Upper West will cater the event.

For everyone, the Spiritual Journey is unique. It is a reflection of ones personal growth, creative expression, and spiritual awakening. Join P32 as each artist presents their own Spiritual Journey through color in self-aware abstract paintings. 

Chris Justice presents a striking, emotional wonderland of color. The featured body of work was created as a narrative storyline that depicts the whirlwind roller coaster that was Justice's life during the ladder half of 2014. Pay attention to the titles. The paintings are a prime example of his cunning ability to deal with love, loss, and personal turmoil through his unconditional relationship with the paintbrush. Justice unapologetically lives his truth by way of the canvas. This show defines his spiritual journey that is led by color and raw emotion.

Kimball Hall’s work reflects the spiritual journey as a constant exercise in awareness. It’s a way to grow an understanding of things not yet seen, and a way to connect with or tap into the creative spirit that binds us all together. Kimball sees his art as an extension of the source that grows the trees, pumps our blood and spins our earth. His spiritual journey is also a personal struggle to try to get closer to God.

P32 Gallery, developed by real estate entrepreneur Howard Spunt is in the artsy, urban neighborhood around Pico and 32nd Street, in Santa Monica, California. The galleries’ mission is to showcase emerging and established artists while partnering with local charities to donate a percentage of profit to a worthy cause. It will be a place where artists and collectors can meet and share both their passion for art and their commitment to philanthropy.

P32 Gallery is located at 3129 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica (caddy corner from Trader Joe’s). Gallery hours are Thursday- Saturday from 1pm to 7pm and by appointment. For more information contact Matt MacFarlane at 424.226.6175 or matt@p32gallery.com

Chris Justice of San Clemente states, “My work is an embracement of my inner madness manifested in reality. It would be a cliché to say that the act of painting is my therapy but truth be told most of the time it is the only thing that brings me joy. Inspiration is a constant trance that surrounds my being. Overwhelming yet liberating, inspiration is something that I live firsthand; therefore it is what I am. My world is processed by color, which is the most fascinating entity of life, and the paintings exist in a world of their own. The exciting part about the abstract process is creating something that does not previously exist and giving the work life as well as purpose. Although I create these works with a story held significant to my being, it is the viewers’ job to create a story significant to theirs. It takes immense discipline to allow my paintings to have a mind of their own.” chrisjusticeart.com

Kimball Hall was born in Los Angeles in the 60’s to a young Nebraskan mother. He chose to become an artist in his early teens when he experienced master works on a field trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Inspired by nature and music, Kimball has been painting quietly ever since. Exploring the abstract limits and possibilities of paint and pictorial form, Hall employs methods more commonly associated with the action painting techniques of Abstract Expressionism and the Color Field Movement. kimballhallart.com

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