2/28 Connection Through Collaboration

Last weekend something very magical happened at P32 Gallery. On a gorgeous, sun drenched Saturday in Santa Monica, Howie’s Art, Kimball Hall and Chris Justice embarked on a collaborative community based art project that brought together over 30 strangers from all walks of life. This art project cut across all divides and helped build a stronger community. Democrats, Republicans, the young, the old, men, women, and people of different religions, different occupations, and different races all participated in creating what we call a "Community Masterpiece." For 6 hours that day we were all just artists. We came together and got to know each other through the power of art. Because abstract art has few rules, everyone followed the beat of their own drum as long as the paint stayed mostly on the canvas, and even that rule wasn’t strictly enforced.

Today, so many issues divide people and pit them against each other but art often brings people to appreciate our commonality. Below is the finished painting from that glorious day. The size is roughly 31 X 73 inches. We are auctioning the work off and giving 100% of the proceeds to THERAsurf, the chosen charity for our "Spiritual Journey" Exhibition.

Come by the gallery through March 14th to see this amazing piece of art.